There were times when people used to drink water directly from the river. People never thought of getting ill from drinking water from wells and rivers because the water used to be very clean at that time. The water was required to be filtered in those cases where they would find some sand particles that too while filling in the pots. The level of filtration has been an easy process by just pouring the water through a piece of cotton cloth. The sand particles would get retained on the cloth and clean water was available for drinking. This was easier because there was no sign of pollution in any form.

As the time progressed, so did the pollution, which degraded the environment to some extent leaving behind impure water and air. The need to filter the water became very important as the time passed by. With so many water borne disease cases, it became a matter of worry to find a solution to this problem. Initially, it was suggested to drink water by boiling the water and then drinking, but it would become a matter of huge amount of time waste to first boil the water and then wait for it to cool down. To clean the impure water, water filters came into existence with two inverted candles fitted in the upper portion where impure water was poured and in the lower container fresh water was received. This was a successful attempt as it provided clean water. Through researches it was found that the water filters having candles were not able to filter the water properly and there were still some harmful organisms that were so minute that it couldn’t get filtered, resulting in improper water purification.

The innovative minds found the best solution to this long term problem by designing an RO water purifier. RO (reverse osmosis) is a process in which the impure water is made to pass through a semi-permeable membrane by applying some pressure on it. This semi permeable membrane blocks certain particle of smaller size (as required, based on the range ordered) and allows fresh water to pass through, giving clean water. The important thing to note about RO water purifiers is that it does not kill or retain important minerals that should be present in water, which are useful for human body growth. The rates for RO purifiers have been kept in the range of the middle class sector keeping in mind the importance of the clean water to in our lives and to our health.

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