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Manufacturer Information and Claims about Modalert

As discussed before, this drug is manufactured by a company known as Sun Pharma and this facility is FDA approved and its manufactures high quality products. It has a concentration of 200mg per tablet. The manufacturer claims that some of the effects of using modalert are increased cognitive functions, mood enhancement, increased alertness and wakefulness. It can also promote mild euphoria.

How Modalert Works

Modalert works as a stimulant but it does not affect other body activities, as it is the case with most stimulants like caffeine. It works very fast and it is a sidekick when the body demands focus and attention. It allows your mind to function optimally when you are in dire need. The user will notice an improvement in memory recall, attention span and cognitive performance. This drug has the ability to suppress appetite, and it will protect the user from unnecessary weight gain.

Modalert Packaging

This drug is packed in aluminum blisters with each strip holding 10 tablets. The blisters are flexible and easy to tear during the time of use. Each tablet has a concentration of 200mg and the aluminum used to cover it is safe and strong and it protects the pill from damages. This packaging helps to maintain the freshness, thus reducing the side effects that may arise there after. The blisters are lightweight, thus making it convenient to carry and use it from anywhere.

Recommendations and Dosage Instructions

  • This drug should not be used to treat any disease condition or excessive sleepiness.
  • Dosages vary from one person to the other depending on weight, age and usage pattern.
  • You should keep yourself hydrated during the time of use of this drug.
  • Use modafinil with intervals of stoppage to avoid creating tolerance.
  • Use this product 90 minutes before commencement of target activities.
  • You should not exceed 300mg per day.
  • New users should start with a dosage of 100mg per day and later increase it to 200 per day.

The Benefits of Using Modalert

  • It improves cognitive performance
  • It increases focus and alertness
  • It is safe and has minimal side effects
  • It promotes wakefulness

Where to Buy Modalert

This drug is sold online through the official website. Shipping is done with 24 hours after confirmation of payment. Payment is done through major credit cards and your order will be delivered within a period of 7- 14 days.


Modalert is a leading selling brand of modafinil and it delivers the best results when compared with other products that claim to deliver similar benefits. It has a concentration of 200mg and it is packed to hold 10 pills per strip. It is packed in aluminum blisters, which enables it to maintain freshness and potency.

It is a stimulant that supports the user by promoting wakefulness, alertness, focus, attention and cognitive functions. It is available online and you can visit the brands website and get more information about it.