Early ejection is a condition that is suffered by approximately thirty to forty percent of the male population. It can also be referred to as rapid ejaculation. Although many men have been burdened with this condition, there is good news. It is being successfully treated using both traditional treatments and new methods of treatment available on the market.

What it is

A simple definition of PE is the inability to control when you want to ejaculate and reach orgasm, and it occurs sooner than you want it to. Of course, this will happen to many men on occasion, and it is only when it becomes a pattern and causes some distress that it needs treatment.


When a man gets run down by either health problems or stress, he will be more easily affected by rapid ejaculation. Only in rare cases is it caused by a physical condition such as an infection of the urinary tract or the prostate. In many cases, it is just a problem with becoming overly aroused and not being able to control the time of ejaculation. Being able to change the response that occurs when being aroused is the key to overcoming this condition.

An adult male that has reached an older age will often reflect back on how quickly he ejaculated when he was young. This was mostly due to inexperience and not knowing when he was going to reach orgasm. A man with more experience can usually hold his ejaculation back better than a man that has no experience because he has learned more about the physical and emotional reactions he will get during sex. He will also be more comfortable and have less anxiety performing than a young inexperienced newcomer.

For an older man, there may be issues in his life that are the cause of his early ejection problem. He may have a relationship problem with his partner that he is unable to talk about, he may have work-related issues or some other form of stress that he is unable to deal with. By dealing with these problems that are not sexually related he may be able to reverse the premature ejaculation problem and get things under control.


Most men can be cured or at least see dramatic improvements with early ejection by using techniques on their own or by seeking other forms of treatment. There are various drugs that a doctor can prescribe, but why take a prescription when there are herbal remedies to get the condition under control, as mentioned below. Sometimes it takes a combination of these various efforts before improvement is seen, but the most important thing is to address it as soon as possible in order to get your sex life back in order.

There are also medical reasons for premature ejaculation. If you suspect you are suffering from one, you might consider consulting the premature ejaculation specialist doctors. Much of this will most likely depend on certain medications you are taking, and what side effects they may have on your body. While this may be unlikely, it is a possibility.

Another highly recommendable premature ejaculation treatment is what is known as the start-stop method. Although it might sound like self-torture, it is very effective at treating PE. What you want to do here is stimulate yourself up until the moment you have to ejaculate, and then cease stimulation. The idea here is to build up your tolerance and get to know your body better by learning your exact arousal levels. Once you know your exact arousal levels and patterns, you will be able to stop yourself from reaching the “tipping” or point of no return, thus resulting in better ejaculation control.

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