Pregnancy and the way a woman reacts to it vary. Not every women ahs the same feeling during their pregnancy period. Pregnancy symptoms can also vary in their intensity, frequency and duration. It is very normal during your pregnancy period to be anxious about your health.  And since every woman has a different body type hence the way one is medicated also varies. Pregnancy can give you a lot of reasons to worry about anyway. A woman feels the world in her hand after she holds her own baby. A pregnant lady gets worried about a lot of other things like her due date and the accuracy related to it is one of the major concerns that she holds within her. The second very important fear and concern that develops within her is the heart medications and pregnancy, during the period that she conceives. But remember that you are not supposed to use any medicine without asking your doctors advice for it. And also you should be very particular about the dosage you are asked to have.

Now know more about how the heart medication can affect a woman during her pregnancy period:

  1. The first and foremost point that you need to know that for a pregnant woman Heartburn is a common occurrence for most people at one time or another. So till the time you are not very sure about your pregnancy you do not have to panic about it. Go to the doctor and know the facts correctly.
  2. Now the second query you may have is how to give a halt to it. This anxiety is pretty darn normal in every pregnant lady and so you need to be calm. Relaxation is a must during this phase. Taking stress during these very months can lead to a lot of other diseases that you will surely not want to call for. You cannot afford to take anxiety because that is harmful for the child.
  3. The third question that must be running across your mind and bothering you is how safe are the heart medication? When you are going through such dilemma the doctors will let you know which are the ones safe for your health and accordingly you should intake them. And for this you will be recommended to follow the heart medication pregnancy that is prescribed to you by your doctor. Remember that skipping medicine here or even taking over dosage of it is not safe for neither the woman not the child.


  1. Lastly for having a healthy child you can include acupuncture and relaxation technique, yoga or meditation. These techniques include progressive muscle relaxationyoga, or guided imagery. And these are considered very healthy for the child and the mother too.


And in case you find any bodily difference remember to see a doctor immediately for your and your child’s safety. And a mother is always concerned about her children, so these tips will just help you know the right ways without taking any unwanted stress in the head.