For many people, getting dental implants is the only way to fix some severe imperfection they may have as a result of an accident, old age, or gradual decay. However, some people might still be on the fence about the whole procedure because of a variety of reasons. In this article, we’re going to explore five reasons why everybody should consider getting dental implants.

It Won’t Cost You Your Other Teeth

One of the major benefits of an implant over a bridge is that using a dental implant for one single missing tooth won’t put stress on the remaining teeth. When it comes to bridges, using the remaining teeth as a support can accelerate their deterioration. And the area where the bridge is secured to the teeth can harbour food particles and germs that encourage the formation of cavities.

If you have healthy teeth shaved down to put a bridge in place, it damages the perfectly healthy enamel that could have protected that tooth for years. Making things even worse is the fact that if you get a cavity in your weakened teeth, odds are you’ll need a crown, root canal or to have the tooth pulled out completely.

It Protects Your Jawbone

While it may seem counter-intuitive, having a dental implant put in place can help prevent the jawbone under the missing tooth from deteriorating. Without a tooth root, the jawbone isn’t stimulated to maintain the bone there. Waiting to get an implant can result in a jawbone too weak to get a future implant without a bone graft.

Wait too long to do anything at all about the jawbone, and the bone itself can become fragile, especially if you’ve lost all your teeth in one part of the mouth. There is also the fact that putting in an implant helps the jawbone remain strong for the sake of your remaining teeth, something all the more important if you have osteoporosis.


Convenience is one of the reasons why you should get dental implants. And while there is some pain and discomfort involved in having dental implants installed, what many people fail to realize is the inconvenience and discomfort that comes from dentures.

Dentures can create sores in the wearer’s mouth, even if you are brushing and sterilizing the dentureseach night. Then there are the food restrictions, such as not being able to eat anything too hard or crunchy. And that’s assuming you don’t develop other problems from poor fitting dentures.

This usually happens because people tend to put off getting replacements as they wear down because they don’t want the hassle or cost of future dental visits to have good replacements made.

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant helps to secure that location so that the surrounding teeth don’t shift. Shifting teeth that may turn, begin to tilt or otherwise move can become hard to clean – and the worst thing you want to happen is requiring braces to put teeth back into alignment after you’ve left one hole in the line for convenience sake.


People do judge each other based on appearance, and someone with missing teeth is judged harshly for it. Sunken lips, sunken cheeks and the prematurely aged appearance that come with dentures can hurt too. Implants give you a natural, healthy look, as long as they’re installed by professionals of course. Make sure the clinic you choose, such as Perfect Smile Spa for instance, is specialized in dental implants if you want the best results.


When it is easy to eat raw fruits and vegetables, you’re more likely to get a nutritious diet than when you rely on soft, processed foods. Another benefit of getting dental implants if you’ve lost several teeth in one area is jaw health. If you have lost several teeth in one area, you’re likely to chew on one side, causing pain on one side of the jaw and weakness on the other. If it is bad enough, you’ll develop TMJ.

The five reasons why everybody should consider getting dental implants include an improved appearance, preserving your existing teeth, improving your overall health, reduced inconvenience over the long term and preventing the need for corrective action.