When going to implant dentist Reston, you may have a lot of thoughts running through your mind. There’s going to be a lot of information that you will be told and lots more resources that are going to follow. It is essential that you figure out which information is vital to remember. Dental implants are great when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Whether you need only one tooth or you need a set to restore, dental implant surgery is one of the best options that you have. Below are some of the things that you can expect before, during, and after the surgery.

What Happens Before

Before the surgery is even brought up, you will have to go through x-ray diagnostics. The dentist will review whether or not you actually need the surgery. The x-ray is also important because it will be much easier for the dentist to figure out the best approach to ensure that you have a smooth and safe dental implant surgery. The bone volume of the teeth in the area will be checked to ensure that there is enough to guarantee that the implant is secured with its anchor. If there isn’t enough bone in the area, then bone grafting is going to be added to the things that you will have to go through in order to make the dental implant surgery a success.

During The Surgery

When the implant dentist Reston begins the surgery, the site of the surgery is going to be numbed with local anesthesia. There will be little to no discomfort and you will feel no pain. The gums will be passed through in order to access the bone. A surgical guide will be used to measure the alignment when securing the holes that are going to be drilled where the implant will be located at the very end. When the preparation of the site is finished, the implant dentist Reston will take the implants from the sterile packaging and install them into the drilled hole. This sequence of events happens very quickly to ensure success. The position of everything will be checked to see if they all pass the eye test.

Expectations After The Surgery

After the implant dentist Reston is finished with the installation of the replacement, x-ray is going to be done in order to ensure that everything has been placed in the site correctly. Even if it passes the eye test, the replacement may not actually have fit in the particular area that it was supposed to go to. By reviewing the x-ray, this will be ruled out. After leaving the dentist and heading home, you can expect discomfort to be felt. Any pain can be addressed through the intake of aspirin. You may also be prescribed antibiotics that can protect you from any infections. Bone security is going to be more apparent after the process. The dental lab is also going to create a permanent crown that can serve as a complete package replacement.

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