There are so many options these days for activewear, thanks to the high demand for garments designed specifically to meet the needs of modern athletes. So leave your loosey-goosey sweats behind and start purchasing clothes meant to keep you cool and dry when you work out. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect fit when you’re looking for activewear.

One of the best things about activewear in general is that it is fairly forgiving on the fit factor, mainly because of all the stretch fabric. So shopping for your body type is not necessarily going to be the same as if you were searching for, say, structured clothing like suiting or jeans. But you still have to be aware of what you need in order to be comfortable while working out. If, for example, you have a rather large bust, you’ll probably want to look for sports bras or exercise tops that are designed for maximum support, especially if you do high-impact sports. Otherwise you could suffer some serious discomfort and embarrassment when working out. Knowing your body type can definitely make a difference in the features you look for when shopping for the perfect fit of activewear.

Next you’ll want to consider loose versus fitted garments. And the choice you make could depend on both the type of activity you enjoy, as well as personal preferences associated with comfort. If, for example, you are a jogger, you could go either way. Some joggers like compression pants while others prefer loose shorts. Some like fitted tanks while others like loose tees. You may appreciate fitted, wick-away fabrics that draw moisture away from the body, but you might not like the fact that some fitted pants are made with a thinner material that displays panty lines and cellulite. You’ll just have to determine what your likes, dislikes, and overall preferences are. However, when it comes to selecting fitted exercise apparel, make sure it is tight, but not overly tight. You want it to flex and move with you like a second skin, not bunch and ride up and or squeeze you uncomfortably.

You’ll also want to try on most fitted garments before you buy them, even if you’re sure they’ll fit thanks to stretch fabric. You really need to move around in garments to see if they’ll work for you. Try jumping, walking, running, and stretching, especially if you will do these things in the course of your exercise regimen. If you’re getting wedgies in warrior pose or pants ride up or slide down when you walk, you probably want to keep looking for garments that are better suited to your needs or that fit a little better.

Not all of your workout clothes need to be tight, of course. Many weight lifters like loose garments that allow their muscles room to bunch when lifting. And if you are part of a sports team or running club, you might want to get matching tees from a site like Broken Arrow. In such cases, the fit doesn’t need to be precise. But when you’re involved in specific athletic pursuits, you’ll want to find the perfect fit for your exercise garments. And there’s no better way than to try a variety of options to see what works best for your body.