Pregnancy and childbirth are two most important incidences in a woman’s life. While a child is an extremely desirable new member of your family, seeing your body in the mirror after

It’s not at all unnatural to want to give a great makeover to your post-pregnancy body. After all, you want to enjoy your new baby’s company without the presence of the leftover bags of fat. So, what’s the solution?

Well, if you are concerned about the stubborn fat that’s not going away after your baby’s birth despite your hard work, postpartum coolsculpting may be the right solution for you.

Don’t want to go under the knife again? No problem; coolsculpting is non-surgical. Worried about its security? Again, no problem; it has been approved by the FDA.

This is the only procedure of its kind that uses controlled cooling to clear away fat cells. Know coolsculpting prices in Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or at your trusted cosmetic clinic.

1. Is it too Early?

Typically, it’s ideal to wait for 6 months after childbirth before choosing to undergo any type of cosmetic procedure and coolsculpting is not an exception.

This is because your body has recently undergone a great disruption. So, give it sufficient time to recover fully from pregnancy and childbirth before making it face another major change.

Coolsculpting is highly suitable to people who are already at or close to their ideal weight. Therefore you’ll have to factor that into your timeframe after childbirth, before coolsculpting.

The option of coolsculpting is always available to you; it’s not going anywhere.

Even an experienced cosmetic surgeon will recommend you not to rush into it. You can make the best use of the available time to inform yourself about your coolsculpting choices.

You should also wait for a while to go through coolsculpting after pregnancy and childbirth to allow your body to recover and also to offer time to any baby weight to settle on its own.

Keep in mind that even though you have had a C-section and not a vaginal birth, you still can undergo coolsculpting.

Just be ready with a list of questions to ask your specialist during your first consultation.

2. How CoolSculpting Works

You may or may not know that coolsculpting applies controlled cooling technology to freeze and remove fat cells.

Instead of just eliminating fat, coolsculpting goes directly to the source, freezing away fat cells from the area to be treated.

Remember that coolsculpting is meant for fat reduction rather than weight loss. It can offer you effective and long-term results.

Although results may differ from person to person, working with a certified, experienced coolsculpting provider will make you sure about getting the best possible result.

3. Which Parts You Should Treat with CoolSculpting

You can get pretty much any part treated with coolsculpting where you have spotted stubborn fat that you want to eliminate.

Some of the most preferred areas for the treatment are abdomen, waist, back, upper arms, love handles and the annoying bulge appearing under your bra strap.

There’s a wide array of applicators for coolsculpting or dualsculpting available to suit various areas of the body.

4. How to Find if You Are Eligible for CoolSculpting?

As such, most people are good candidates for coolsculpting, as long as they are in good overall health and are aware of the fact that it’s a complementary procedure for a healthy lifestyle and not a replacement.

Although the fat cells frozen and eliminated during the coolsculpting procedure cannot grow again, any changes in your weight could affect your outcomes.

Maintaining your new shape is in your hands and you have to maintain your weight for that.

Whether it’s coolsculpting or mona lisa touch Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or if you’re not in the area you can just visit any reputable cosmetic clinic near in your place, when you are in experienced hands, you don’t have to worry as the procedure will be done perfectly to let you enjoy your new shape and life.